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Water Snapshot

Shoalhaven Water monitors your water supply. See below for rainfall figures and water consumption.

Although there are currently no water restrictions in place in the Shoalhaven, the continued dry weather is having an impact on river flows. Unless significant rainfall is received in our catchment area this can affect our capacity to pump water from the Shoalhaven River and water restrictions may be necessary. Customers are encouraged to monitor and self-limit their water usage.

Should it be necessary to commence water restrictions details will be provided on this website and through the media. Please visit this page regularly for updates.


Date Actual
per day)
per day)
10-Nov-17 36.15 284 0.0 87.9%
11-Nov-17 39.45 238 0.0 88.3%
12-Nov-17 38.49 232 0.0 88.5%
13-Nov-17 30.11 448 0.0 88.7%
14-Nov-17 44.89 379 0.0 89.0%
15-Nov-17 36.96 n/a 0.0 89.3%
16-Nov-17 35.55 n/a 0.0 89.6%
Note: ML = megalitres;  n/a = data not available yet;  last updated: 17-Oct-17 07:44