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Shoalhaven Water’s Reclaimed Water Management Scheme (REMS) is one of the largest and more complex water recycling schemes undertaken by a regional water authority.

REMS Large irrigation machine using REMS reclaimed water

The objectives of REMS are:

  • To maximise the use of reclaimed water for beneficial purposes rather than disposing of it into the environment
  • To supply high quality irrigation water to the region’s farmers to improve their sustainability
  • To provide sufficient water to irrigate local sporting facilities and golf courses
  • Image shows large irrigation machine

REMS Stage 1A

REMS Stage 1A, costing $34m, was commissioned in January 2002. Fourteen dairy farms, a golf course and several sporting grounds irrigate with reclaimed water from the scheme on well over 500 hectares of land. So far, over 20,000 megalitres have been beneficially reused through the REMS, 70% of reclaimed water produced.

Overview of the REMS (Stage 1A and 1B)

REMS Stage 1B

The REMS 1B scheme will allow the inclusion of reclaimed water from the Nowra and Bomaderry Wastewater treatment plants (WwTPs). Both Nowra and Bomaderry will be upgraded so that high quality reclaimed water can be made available.

The reclaimed water will comply with the Australian Guidelines for Water Recycling: Managing Health and Environmental risks, Phase 1 2006.

Construction has started and is expected to be finished by early 2019.

Shoalhaven City Council is pleased to advise that work to build the next stage of the Shoalhaven Water Management Scheme (REMS) Stage 1B has now started. The project is the single biggest public works project to be undertaken by Shoalhaven City Council and the contract for work packages 1.1, 1.2 and 2.1 has been awarded to UGL Engineering Ltd (UGL).

The REMS 1B works packages

  • Work Package 1.1 - major upgrading of the Bomaderry waste water treatment plant (WwTP)
  • Work Package 1.2 - major upgrading of the Nowra waste water treatment plant (WwTP)
  • Work package 2.1 - a reclaimed water transfer pipeline under the Shoalhaven River connecting Bomaderry WwTP to Nowra WwTP.
  • Work package 2.2 – a reclaimed water transfer main from Nowra WwTP to the REMS supply network – construction works completed by Murphy McCarthy and Associates.

Where will it go?

When REMS Stage 1B is completed, most of the additional reclaimed water will be taken up by existing Stage 1A users and two irrigated properties are currently using treated effluent from the Nowra WwTP. The completion of REMS 1B will significantly increase the reclaimed water available for beneficial reuse and reduce discharges to the Shoalhaven River.

Image shows work packages 1.1, 1.2 and 2.1

What to expect during construction

The upgrades to the WwTPs will be built using different construction methodologies, work will happen at both locations simultaneously. The work area will be located mainly within the existing boundaries or Council owned land, and fenced for safety.

We are currently investigating a proposal to build a new transfer pipeline between Bomaderry and Nowra WwTPs under the Shoalhaven River. The alignment of the pipeline is being designed in collaboration with landowners. If constructed, the pipeline will be built using horizontal directional drilling (HDD). This will significantly reduce the construction footprint and potential impacts to the community.

Increased traffic

There will be a temporary increase in vehicle movements on major roads and some local streets during construction. Where practical, we will minimise the effects on traffic by working outside of daily peak traffic times. For some activities which are required to operate continuously through the day, we may need to travel during these peak times. We will continue to keep the community informed and we ask you take extra care when travelling in and around the area.

Construction hours

Normal work hours will be 7am to 6pm Monday to Friday, and 8am and 1pm on Saturdays. From time to time we may need to work outside these hours to minimise impacts on traffic and the community. We will notify affected residents in advance if this needs to happen.

Keeping you informed

We will keep the community informed as the project progresses. We will do this via updates like this one, notification letters and through the Shoalhaven City Council website and social media. The project team can be contacted on the details at the bottom of this page.

Work Package 2.2

The construction of the REMS 1B Work Package 2.2 (Nowra to REMS Transfer Main) has been completed by Murphy McCarthy and Associates. Pipeline construction commenced November 2016 and was completed by July 2017. Agreements were negotiated with relevant landowners to allow construction of this pipeline on private land. New reclaimed water allocations have been negotiated with landowners along the transfer main route.

Image shows geographical split of works packages

Enquiries Regarding REMS Stage 1B

All enquiries regarding the REMS 1B project may be directed to the project information line on 1800 457 443 or email shoalhavenrems@ugllimited.com  We appreciate your cooperation and patience during this important work.